• What is Blue Lava, and Why it is of blue color?

    Blue Lava

    This image is not from any Si-Fi movie scene but, actually a type of lava, also called ‘blue lava’. This photographs is taken by a French photographer Olivier Grunewald taken at Kawah Ijen volcano on the island of Java in Indonesia. what cases this lava color ‘blue’? Well the answer lies in it’s composition. Blue […] More

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    The Fact Why Redwoods are so Big

    A Big Redwood Tree

    Well some trees grow exceptionally larger than their counterparts, and redwoods are one of them. Their are several factors that contributes to their size. As in humans strong immune system and genetics determines a persons’ health and longevity, same goes with redwood trees. Redwoods are native to specific regions along the west coast of North […] More

  • Why do you upside down when you look at yourself inside a spoon but right side up when you look at the outside of a spoon?

    Spoon Relfection Illusion

    This quirky illusion happens because of the way light bounces off a curved surface. Light travels in straight lines, says Darren Bly. He is a physicist at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Va. When you look at a flat mirror, light travels from your face to the mirror and bounces off. Some of that light then […] More

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    Species that Light Up the Sea Water – Stars of the Sea

    Species That Light Up The Sea Water

    The way these living organisms light up the sea water, they truly are the stars of the sea. This natural phenomenon of light occurs due to various species of marine organisms that are capable of bioluminescence, which is the ability to produce light through chemical reactions within their bodies. Here are a few examples of […] More

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    Big Maple Leaf 1M dollar coin in Toronto, Canada

    1m Dollar Coin In Toronto, Canada

    There is no official one million dollar coin in Toronto or Canada. However, the Royal Canadian Mint did produce a special edition one million dollar coin, which is made of 100 kg of .9999 pure gold and has a face value of one million Canadian dollars. The coin was created in 2007 to commemorate the […] More

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    Science behind Rope Tornadoes

    Rope Tornado

    Rope tornadoes, also known as skinny tornadoes, are narrow in diameter because they are formed from a different mechanism than wider tornadoes. Rope tornadoes are typically the final stage of a tornado’s life cycle, as the rotating column of air narrows and becomes elongated, resembling a rope. This happens when the tornado is in the […] More

  • This Bizarre looking camouflaged species, Markia hystrix of katydid

    Markia Hystrix A Species Of Katydid

    This bizarre looking species is a master of camouflage. Markia hystrix is actually a species of moth in the family Crambidae, commonly known as the sorghum webworm or African maize earworm. It is not a katydid. Katydid, also known as bush cricket, is a type of insect in the family Tettigoniidae. They are known for […] More

  • Rainbow Contrail – A rare Atmospheric Phenomena

    Rainbow Contrail

    A rainbow contrail, also known as a “rainbow cloud,” is a rare atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when the conditions are just right for a plane’s contrail to produce rainbow colors. Contrails are the visible trails of condensed water vapor that form behind a plane as it flies at high altitudes. A rainbow contrail occurs when […] More

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    A striking phenomenon of Volcanic Lightning

    Volcanic Lightning

    At first glance it appears as digitally generated image, but it is a volcanic lightning caused by volcanic eruptions. Volcanic lightning is a rare and striking phenomenon that occurs during some volcanic eruptions. It is a type of electrical discharge that takes place within the ash plume that rises above an erupting volcano. The exact mechanism […] More

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    Why frozen water create spikes against gravity

    Frozen Water Spike

    You must have seen these structures inside freezer or in extremely cold weather. But have you ever thought how this forms and defies gravity and seems like water was flowing the upwards direction at the time it freezes. Well the science behind is equally amazing. These frozen water spikes or columns that appear to defy […] More

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