Why do you upside down when you look at yourself inside a spoon but right side up when you look at the outside of a spoon?

Spoon Relfection Illusion

This quirky illusion happens because of the way light bounces off a curved surface. Light travels in straight lines, says Darren Bly. He is a physicist at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Va. When you look at a flat mirror, light travels from your face to the mirror and bounces off. Some of that light then makes it back to your eyes in a straight line, and you see yourself right side up. The inside of a spoon is concave. Any incoming light bounces back at different angles.

Spoon Reflection Illusion
Spoon Reflection Illusion

Rays hitting the top of the curve get reflected downward while those reflected off the bottom bounce up.

These different rays meet at what’s called the focal point. Anyone behind this focal point will see an
upside-down reflection. The outside of a spoon, though, is convex. Light also bounces off it at different
angles, but its focal point is behind the mirror. So the image appears right side up but smaller.

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