Rainbow Contrail – A rare Atmospheric Phenomena

Rainbow Contrail

A rainbow contrail, also known as a “rainbow cloud,” is a rare atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when the conditions are just right for a plane’s contrail to produce rainbow colors. Contrails are the visible trails of condensed water vapor that form behind a plane as it flies at high altitudes.

A rainbow contrail occurs when the angle of the sun is just right, and the contrail is composed of ice crystals of just the right size and shape to refract the sunlight in a way that produces a rainbow effect. The colors of the rainbow appear in the same order as they do in a normal rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Rainbow contrails are relatively rare, and the conditions have to be just right for them to occur. They are a beautiful and awe-inspiring sight, and many people are fascinated by them when they are lucky enough to see one.

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